How Seasonal Weather Damages Asphalt

Seasonal Weather Damages Asphalt

Spring is on its way. For asphalt parking lots and roads, chances are winter has left a pile of damage in its wake. Asphalt that is not well maintained has a greater chance of being damaged by winter weather. As the snow melts, it can reveal unpleasant surprises such as cracks and potholes that seasonal weather has left behind.

So, what can you expect when the snow is gone? These are some of the ways last season may have damaged your asphalt, and how we can help.

Asphalt Cracks

Cracks are bound to develop over time in asphalt due to oxidation, traffic, and general deterioration. If any cracks were present before winter, chances are they’ll be worse in the spring. Cracks allow for water, chemicals, and other debris to infiltrate the asphalt and cause the cracks to expand. As water seeps underneath the asphalt through the cracks, it weakens the foundation and allows for further deterioration.


If you’re noticing more puddles than usual, they could be the result of rutting and grade depressions. These damages occur due to the heat from vehicle tires softening the pavement or poor compaction during installation. Puddles are not only an inconvenience to drivers, but also a hazard to your asphalt: water damage can weaken and deteriorate the material.


Where there are puddles, there are often potholes. Winter freeze-thaw cycles often allow water to seep into the cracks and foundation of your asphalt. When the water freezes again underneath, it expands and compromises the structure of your driveway, road, or parking lot. While most potholes start small, water and wear from vehicles will make them bigger over time. Potholes can damage vehicles as well as present hazards for pedestrians. They’re also ugly: nobody wants a lot full of holes.

How Magic Valley Paving Can Help

At Magic Valley Paving, we’re proud to provide quality service for your pavement problems. We can address cracks, potholes, and broken pavement, or even demolish and regrade the land to pour a new surface if your asphalt is beyond repair. Repairing and maintaining your pavement regularly can help extend the life and appearance of your surfaces.

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